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Tidy Up Your Mac Menu Bar with MenuGap!

Is your Mac menu bar overflowing with icons? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the clutter?

Introducing MenuGap! The simple yet powerful app that lets you organize your menu bar icons into groups with ease.

Say goodbye to visual chaos! MenuGap adds clean lines or gaps between your icons, creating clear divisions and making it easy to find exactly what you need.

Here's what MenuGap can do for you:

  • Organize your icons: Group related icons together for a more streamlined look.
  • Boost productivity: Find what you need faster with a clutter-free menu bar.
  • Reduce stress: Eliminate visual overwhelm and reclaim your menu bar peace of mind.
  • Lightweight and efficient: MenuGap runs silently in the background without impacting performance.
  • Easy to use: Simple setup allows you to customize gaps and manage organization with ease.

MenuGap is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and organized Mac menu bar.

Designers: Keep your creative tools readily accessible. Developers: Group similar apps together for quick switching. Everyone: Enjoy a more streamlined and stress-free Mac experience.

Get MenuGap on Gumroad today! It's the affordable solution to your menu bar woes.

P.S. Check out the screenshots to see how MenuGap can transform your menu bar!

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